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Terms and Conditions:

  • We are expert in dealing with generic medicines which are FDA approved. New innovations are generic medicines which are similar in active therapeutic constituents with the branded medicines but differ in morphology. Safety is entertained at a large level at our site.
  • We are always available for our clients to solve their queries. We are able to receive orders at any time of the day from any part of the world. The order will take 10-12 days to reach at the desired place after placement of order.
  • We are available with different payment options for our customers. We use e-cheques financial transaction modes for US customers. The payment procedures require confidential information of customers related to banking and accounting. All the information of customers is handled securely and secretly by us. We use western union method to provide payment to the customers worldwide.
  • There is not any custom charge for our customers, but shipping charges should be paid by the customers according to the weight of the parcel.
  • We always entertain feedback from the customers.
  • In case there is fault from our side, our reshipment facility is free of cost then.
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