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Drug Policy

Understanding Generic Drugs

A generic drug is manufactured and distributed without patent cover, their formulations can be patented.

  • Generally generic drugs are cheaper than branded drugs because when innovative brand names are given to medication,this requires time about 10-12 years and millions of money. The advertising and marketing techniques are costly, but this is not the case with generic medicine.
  • Generic pills doesnot require any additional advertising. Their production doesnot require a new formula or production technology. There is not any additional burden on manufacturers regarding the safety and efficacy of the drugs. So they are cheaper.

 The brand name drug companies have used number of strategies to extend the period of market on their drugs and prevent genericcompetition. Patents are issued on novel pharmacological compounds early in drug development process, at which time the ‘clock’ to patent expiration begins ticking. The drug companies may seek new patents on production of specific forms of these compounds such as single enantiomers of drugs, different inactive components in a drug salt or a specific hydrate form of the drug salt.

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