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Valdoxan 25mg - Noveltin - agomelatine  

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What is the brief description about the medicine Valdoxan?

This drug comes under the class of anti-depressants. Depression can happen to any person due to stress or excess tension. This emotion is reflected in your behavior in such a way like mood swings, irritation, restlessness, and anger forms. You will feel low and your attitude towards work also declines. Depression traps you in a way that one is unable to perform his or her activities. To get rid of this problem, one should initiate using Valdoxan.

What is the generic stored in this medication?

This drug brand has an active composition as Agomelatine.

What is the basic mechanism by which valdoxan works inside your body?

This belongs to new anti-depressant class and works as selective serotonin agonist action at the site of melatonin receptors. You will observe selective antagonists action at the site of serotonin 5HT-2C receptors. This does not affect the uptake of serotonin, dopamine, or noradrenaline. This medication is melatonergic agonists and 5-HT2C antagonists. This helps in uplifting your mood levels.

What is the dosage scheme about valdoxan ?

The usual normal dose to be taken is about a single pill every day and do take it at bedtime only. If your signs have not yet began to get improved than do use two tablets within a day. Take it together at night time only. You can use it with or without meals.

What are the contraindications that are needed to be followed?

Not to use in:

  • Patients having age 75 years of older
  • People suffering with dementia
  • People who have decreased hepatic function, or liver cirrhosis
  • People who are using Fluvoxamine or Ciprofloxacin
  • Pregnancy condition
  • Breastfeeding condition

What are the precautions that must be followed always?

  • Do use it carefully in people over the age of 65 years.
  • Use cautiously in people with lesser renal function.
  • Use carefully in people having bipolar disorder, and mania.
  • Do not drink alcohol as this result in side effects.
  • This is not allowed in people below 18 years of age.
  • It is known to have sensual side effects so be careful about it.

What are the after maths that you may observe with valdoxan?

Some common harmful issues seen with this are as drowsiness, dizziness, headache, fatigue, anxiety, fatigue, excessive sweating, back pain, and high hepatic enzymes.

Which is the right storage condition ?

Place this in a safe place that is away from moisture, heat, and sunlight. Do store it properly away from small children reach.


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